Special Guests


Ramón Navarro
PRO surfer

Borned in Pichilemu, three hours away from Santiago, Chile. Ramón, with 32 years old, submerged in the international surf life in 2009, when he got the third perfect score in the history of the 25th version Eddie Aikau.Last year, during the famous Cloudbreak Fiji wave, Navarro rode the best tube wave ever, said by the most famous experts around the world. He just recently was named ambassador of the company “Patagonia”, besides appearing in the top 10 of the National Geographic for the “Adventurer of the Year” award.
During the Waimea conquest, he is an inspiration to the “big waves surf” generation, reaching the best score with a 79ft wave, Navarro “the Fishing Son” known as big waves surfer, understands the water better than no one, living in the water is his addictive passion.


Ana Paula Domínguez
Mexican Institute of Yoga

Ana Paula studied the career of International Relations in the Institute of Technology of Superior Studies in Monterrey. She is a certified instructor of Kundalini Yoga. She completed her training in the Institute of Ayurvedic. She is the founder and director of the Mexican Institute of Yoga, a.c, as well as responsible for the organization and conduct of the National Meeting of Yoga and Yoga Expo. She created the Corporate Yoga program that has been implemented by companies like Procter & Gamble, Nextel, Pfizer, Campbell’s, Gatorade, and Dow Chemical.
For several years, she continues her formation in Kundalini Yoga and the art of Sat Nam Rasayan, healing under the guidance of his teacher Guru Dev Singh Khalsa. She is the author of the book “Yoga for happiness, health and other things” and “The map of happiness”, both edited by Planeta Group. She recently published the book “Mama I love you Zen” co-authored with Lourdes Botello and she is a facilitator of meditation and yoga for the organization of Peace Earth by the actor Forest Whitaker.


Javier Alvarez
PRO Surfer

Originally from Guadalajara, Jalisco, Javier began his career at the tender age of 14. His devout love for the sport has allowed him to surf a large part of the Mexican Pacific coast, as well as Indonesia, Hawaii and South America. His passion for the ocean has lead him to explore alternate water activities such as scuba diving, sup, tow surf, yoga, Kite surf, wind surf, free diving and spearfishing, this refers to be one of the biggest professionals surfers.


Ryan Helm
PRO Surfer

Born and raised between the surf coast of California and Florida, with over 20 years of experience in the ocean, he decides to dedicate his life to this amazing sport. Ryan has been three times Quiksilver “King of the Peak Airshow”, this Surf Icon has competed on the association of surfing professionals “World´s Qualifying Series” all over the world, and has won plenty of times the famous Punta Sayulita Classic. Now he is honoring us with his presence in our signature Punta Mita Beach Festival.